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This is just notes for some ideas for a backstory for my character Kilo. I did this totally of boredom ^^;. I'm unsure how to put it together in a good sounding bio though >_<.

Notes about Kilo for a back-story, good for RPs, Bios, etc.:
Character Basics:
• Kilo is 24 years of age. Has brown eyes and brown fur on his head. He is red with dark areas around the tips of his tails, on the tips of his ears, hands, and feet.
• Kilo has a thin body build.
• Kilo is 124ft 9in (38m) tall, and weighs 740 tons (671 metric tons).
• SIDE NOTE: Size of Kilo in Second Life: 46ft 6in (14.2m) tall and weights 74 tons (67 metric tons).
• Kilo normally wears just a blue T-shirt and thick adult diaper (due to incontinence).
• Kilo is very kind to others however he is also quite shy.

About the Island Kilo was born on, Macratan Island, the island of macros/giants:
• He was born on a island with large life named "Macratan Island".
• All the plant life and the furs and humans are roughly around 20 times larger than their counterparts outside the island.
• The island itself had nearly no native animal life outside of the giant furs and humans.
• The island was discovered by the public in the not-so-distant past, only 17 years before Kilo was born. Research groups and aid groups started coming to the island shortly after its discovery.
• The furs and humans indigenous to the island were tribal and had no modern technology. Its apparent the unknown researchers didn't give them any resources. They lived in make-shift huts made from the leaves and branches of the nearby trees.
• Unfortunately, around two weeks after Kilo was born, the island was quickly decimated by a wildfire and very little vegetation and wildlife on the island survived.
• It's still unknown what started the wildfire, if it was the result of lightning, an accident or was the result of arson.
• Very quickly after the wildfire started, there was a rescue operation by a research group studying the island, evacuating as many of the surviving Macratans (which included the newborn Kilo). Thankfully they were able to get barges to carry as many of the giant cubs and babies as they could.
• Most of the survivors were babies and cubs in the safest part of the island on the far side that the indigenous people used as type of nursery. Most of the adults were rather panicking and stood hidden or already died in the fire.
• The survivors who now live outside the island are dubbed "macros", both for the name of the island and their size.
• Kilo still knows very little about the island or its history, he just knows he was recused.
• He doesn't know his parents either; he assumed they were killed in the wildfire like most of adult macros living on the island at the time sadly were.

About how the furs on the island might of gotten so big:
• A group of researchers try to find out why the furs and humans on Macratan Island were all so large, as well as the plant life. Though early research, they found the island was extremely rich in oxygen. As evolutionary history has shown, plants and certain creatures (primarily insects) can evolve to be many times larger when oxygen levels are high, and this island appeared to be no exception for the plant life on the island. However, that's only explains why the plants are so large. The earliest researchers on the giant furs and humans suspected the giant furs and humans of having allot of genetic engineered genes, which were responsible for making the humans and furs grow in perfect perorations of their smaller counterparts and grow in size much quicker than what natural evolution would allow.
• However, about 10 years after this study was conducted, a old lost set of research papers dating about 12 years before the discovery of Macratan Island ware found. This research from a small group of scientists quickly over though the genetic engineering idea recently as the cause of the size of the Macratan Island rescues after modern research has confirmed the papers findings. The research was of a complex form of a virus that caused the furs and humans to become so large. The virus was once discovered in the DNA genome of a rare discovery of a fossilized femur of what looked like a giant human, which was dated of being over 1200 years old. The virus, dubbed the "Gigantis Virus" by the research papers, was thought to be in a fossilized form however the old report showed one of the virus cells were revived and started to multiply on samples they had. It was discovered soon after that it would infect cells and attempt to inject DNA that would cause the cell to multiply several times larger than its original size, potentially so the virus could have a larger host cells to attach itself to. The DNA injection, from the old research paper, said it ended up killing most of cells on the research samples, which suggested the virus could be deadly to people.  However some of the research cells lived on perfectly with no issues at their larger size. This effect of the virus would explain why originally they thought genetic engineering was involved. The virus too could explain why there were stories in the ancient days about giants.
• The virus was, via later dated papers in the found research papers, discovered to have not evolved to transfer from person to person (and its evolutionary path suggests it won't) and the only way to get infected is though blood transfusion at the time, or somehow ingests the virus (though food or otherwise).
• Despite the low risk factor, its now suggested that how the Macratan Island furs/humans started was maybe a few pregnant female hosts might of somehow ingested the virus and it could of spread to their unborn babys/cubs. Since back then, it could of been believed that the virus could spread from person-to-person, maybe they put the babies/cubs and the infected mothers on the island to prevent the virus from infecting anyone else. However since evidence of this was never found, this is just suspicion.
• After recent research done in the last 2-3 years (one of the subjects being a blood sample from Kilo), they found that there's no cells of the virus in the bodies of modern macros. However, though further research by synthesizing the genome of the blood samples, the found a perfect match for the genome for the Giantis Virus' DNA in the genome in all of the currently living macros. This now gives a hypothesis of this is how the original researchers found the Gigantis Virus in the giant femur fossil. (NOTE: Something similar to this actually has happend as scientists have found DNA for long-dead viruses in the human genome).

About Kilo's Two Tails:
• Side note: Kilo CAN NOT use his tails to fly like Tails can.
• Kilo was born with two tails. Everyone, including Kilo thought it was a birth defect.
• Around Kilo's 19th birthday, a scientist who took a blood sample from Kilo to study the DNA structure of surviving Macratan Island creatures discovered that he's half "kitsune" (Note: Word is translation of the Japanese word for fox, it being used in this context is usually done outside of Japan).
• "Kitsunes" are a breed of foxes indigenous to Japan that are rumored by folklore to harbor special abilities (such as illusion, fire from glands in their tails, etc.) and tend to live a very long time (upwards to hundreds of years in some cases).
• They are shrouded in mystery and were once even believed to be demons by the Japanese.
• The scientist still don't know if any of the abilities or the long life from the fokelore is true as they don't have many "kitsune" DNA samples, but they suppose even half-breeds like Kilo would be able to harbor their abilities.
• However, Kilo, thanks to just recently learning this, has only recently began to learn how to use his "kitsune" abilities.
• "Kitsunes" were one thought to be endangered but more are starting to become discovered. However, they like to be hidden from society, especially due to their quite literal demonizing in their homeland of Japan.
• Kilo is, however, still very baffled on how a macro fox and a "kitsune" could even breed but his DNA shows that he is an obvious mix of the two.

About Kilo's upbringing and personally:
• Kilo was raised though a large part of his childhood by an orphanage owner named Abdul-Latif Yaseen, a fennic fox fur in a small town who was willing to take the challenge of raising the baby macro fox after hearing about the rescue and aid of the Macratans. He was born in the town and lived there his entire life however, his family came from Egypt (the Sahara desert is the native habitat of fennic foxes).
• Abdul, with aid from the Maratan Island Rescue program, built a very large nursery for the giant infant fox. The location of the nursery is now the location of Kilo's home.
• He was already around 20 feet tall as an infant when he first came to the orphanage from the rescue.
• Despite the challenges of the young fox being so large, the orphanage owner managed to teach Kilo how to talk, how to walk, etc. with the aid of equipment such as lifts.
• Abdul loves Kilo and Kilo got along very well with the other kids at the orphanage.
• Unfortunately, Macratans or "Macros" started to gain a bad repetition of being violent, and eventually began to get stereotyped for doing acts like stepping on normal sized people, eating people, destroying buildings, etc.
• Because of this, allot of kids outside of the orphanage didn't want to play with Kilo and allot of the towns people were afraid to be near him when he was young.
• He grew up very lonely, and had very few friends due to this.
• This also made the fox very shy as he is always afraid of people being afraid of him, even to this day.
• However, the few friends he made are very close once they found out about his kind and caring nature as they learned he was far from a "monster" that allot were afraid he was going to be.
• Soon, the town started to learn of his kind nature and began to become more and more friendly to Kilo.
• Eventually the townspeople, once they got over their fear of macros with Kilo, started to help the fox with education and other things.
• Kilo went against the violent macro stereotype almost all his life, as he has been very nice, even as a cub.
• While growing up, he would cry if he hurt anything or broke anything.
• He is still very kind, and makes sure to avoid hurting anyone or anything, and has mastered "walking on eggshells", or carefully walking around people and buildings. When being affectionate, he even prefers to pet people on the head instead of hugging them to prevent harm.
• He tried to do what he can to help out around the city near where he was raised (and still does when he can). Such as helping with construction, helping with bringing in large amounts or heavy supplies, etc.
• In exchange, the town gives him what he needs, such as food, supplies (including the diapers he needs to wear), etc.
• However, as expected Kilo's kindness quickly goes away towards anyone who attempts hurting his friends or the townspeople. He will quickly attempt to defend them.
• The towns' people did once sentence a serial killer to be eaten whole by Kilo, which Kilo didn't object to doing at all.

About the accident that made him incontinent and have to wear diapers:
• When he was 3 years old, Kilo was playing near rock ledge and fell down quite a distance and landed on a bolder, causing a nasty injury that broke a part of his pelvis and some of the upper part of his legs.
• The event was very painful to Kilo as a cub, who at the time couldn't stop yelping or crying.
• The bone that broke off in his pelvis severed the nerve to his bladder, making him permanently incontinent.
• Bone fragments in his legs grazed the nerves to his upper legs, now making them hypersensitive to anything that touches them.
• The doctors were able to overcome the challenges of working on a patient several times their size and were able to successfully treat his injuries to the best of their abilities. Over time, the bones eventually healed at the same rate it did for anyone else. However, it did require a very large amount of bandaging.
• However, as expected, the nerve damage couldn't be repaired.
• Thanks to this, the fox also can't wear pants very long without it hurting him, as it "feels like sandpaper rubbing his legs raw" to him. Even strong winds can hurt Kilo's upper legs.
• Due to this, he normally wears only a T-Shirt and a thick specially manufactured adult diaper.
• They did once try to make some specialized pants for him as a teenager with plastic braces to avoid contact with his upper legs as a kid but it made it very difficult for him to walk normally.
• Only very recently they made a pair of shorts made of a material that doesn't irritate his legs. However, the material found that doesn't irritate his legs is unfortunately rare and expensive. Due to this, the shorts costed around $300,000 to make, which is by far the most expensive thing ever donated to him. Also due to the extremely high cost, their the only pair he has. Due to this, he only wears them very rarely (usually on special occasions) and makes sure to take very good care of them.
• Kilo however became very comfortable with wearing his diapers openly while growing up. He guesses because the accident happened before he was fully potty trained, he never knew how it was to be out of them.
• He has also grown to love wearing his diapers over the years as well though he can't "put his finger on" exactly why he does.
• Kilo's diapers are provided by a nearby major diaper company who was willing to donate to the Macratan aid (though has also committed to stop providing aid to violent macros), as well as regularly donates diapers to the orphanage.
• The company is called "Caring Paws", which focuses on making diapers for the fur community. They have several brands, such as "Little Paws" for infants and toddlers as well as "Protecting Paws" incontinence diapers that Kilo wears the specialized macro version of now.
• As part of their aid program, the company manufactured and provided diapers to the surviving infants from the island (which ofcourse, included Kilo), as well as any of their offspring today.
• The company tries to manufacturer their diapers are very absorbent and they try to maintain a "perfect thickness" (not too thin where they leak easy but not so thick it makes people waddle when they walk).
• Their latest diapers use recyclable and/or biodegradable materials to prevent build up of landfills. All the  macro-sized diapers made for the aid program are made this way.
• Kilo is the only known adult macro so far (to the company's knowledge) who needs to wear diapers for incontinence reasons but the company also has the special-make macro adult diapers on reserve in-case there's ever other adult macros that may need them.

About Kilo's Home:
• Kilo's home was specially built by Kilo himself, with help from others in the neighborhood as thanks for helping them out.
• The home is built out of large bricks, and wood from giant trees.
• He even has a movie theater screen for a TV (with a specialized, unscaled remote), and giant furniture.
• As expected, the fox has no toilet in his bathroom but instead he has a changing table that has a crane setup for anyone who wants to change the giant fox.
• His house does have a small "guest area" for normal-sized people in his house, which does have a normal restroom as well as normal sized furniture, as well as a guest bedroom.
This is just notes for some ideas for a backstory for my character Kilo. I did this totally of small bits of boredom over a long period of time ^^;. I'm unsure how to put it together in a good sounding bio though >_<.

Be warned, it has grown to be quite long ^^;.
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